The mission of this project was to create a sparkling sake drink targeted to hipsters. I chose to name the premium drink Oishii, a Japanese word meaning delicious. Oishii in Japanese is hand painted down the side of the bottle resembling vintage sake  bottles. The usage of red, white and black reflect the colors of Japan. 

The bottle’s material and shape take inspiration from a tokurri, a traditional sake serving flask made of porcelain. The cap serves as a cup to pour the sake in, as it is commonly drank. It is made to resemble a masu, a traditional cup made of valuable wood used for drinking sake in Japan. Since hipsters are known to value vintage items, both the ceramic and wood material work together in giving an artistic and high quality look to the product.  I chose to use a cork to seal the carbonation of the drink to keep the bottle clean of any threading or sealing mechanisms. This maintains the bottle’s aesthetic and allows it be used for other purposes, such as decoration, after it has been drank. 

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