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The objective of this project was to design a beverage company and packaging targeted towards women. I chose to create a premium mint limeade for those looking for a healthier alternative drink. The name of the brand, Savoir Vivre, is a French term meaning “living a good life while staying elegant and smart.” The capital V is designed to look like a cocktail glass with a lime on the rim. I wanted both the name and logo to give the drink a premium, high-end feel. 

To appeal to the female target market, I created an outline that resembled the female form. The final label wraps around the contour of the bottle shape, which then takes on the characteristics of a fitted dress. The personality of the “limeade” lettering and design elements on the label give the drink a fun and flavorful look.


To warrant the premium cost of this high-end drink I chose to use an eco-friendly paper foam material for the bottle’s packaging. Bio-based packaging is not necessarily a new trend in package design, rather, it is a next-generation technological evolution of  sustainable packaging materials.  Consumers are also increasingly demanding pure, honest, and environmentally responsible products. Within the container is a mylar bladder holding the liquid. Paper foam packaging benefits the product by keeping the liquid cold long after it has been refrigerated.

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